About Madhumalati Academy

With the desire of social well being as to spread correct systematic and authentic knowledge of yoga sanas & Pranayam. Mrs. Rupali Waikar  decided to establish this organisation Mrs. Waikar has completed her yoga Teachers Training courses from yoga Vidya Gurukul Nasik.
While completing yoga training course she come across few Naturopathy treatments which had tremendous results.

To heal & cure small health problem she decided in clade Naturopathy nisargaupchar as part of organisation Mrs. Waikar started her journey of yoga from the age ____ Her father Mr. Madhukar Bansilal Bhavsar fallowed  Yogashastri throughout his life. Naturally Mrs. Waikar & his siblings fallowing & made it part of their daily life.

Today whole world is attracted towards yogashatra where yogasanas & pranayama are two most popular yogic practices Mrs. Waikar has got to perform more of the hardest asanas with perfrction & finesse. She is very passionate about it and wish to train kids right from the beginning she believes training kids is as good as creating & moulding good human being. The yoga practices naturally prevent kids from bad habits. Brings inner strength, peace & happiness which automatically brings a healthy mind body . Also helps kids in their studies or achieve their goals.

Mrs. Rupali Waikar

Currently Mrs. Waikar conducts 3 Yoga Batches

  •  Ladies Batch
  •  Kids Batch
  •  Special competitive Batch for Yoga Teachers participated in many competitions.

Mrs. Waikar has won 2nd place at

She has her own & unique style of conducting classes which members don’t like to miss the class even for single day! Once a month guest lecture arranged at free of cost. Its open you all age groups with an aim to create awareness about proper & concrete way of practicing yoga. Acc to her, one must experience it, continually feel it believing on it !!!